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PMHS Band Information

Thank you very much for taking interest in our program!  Here at Pedro Menendez High School we are proud to offer education through music in many different ways.

This informational page is designed to answer any questions that students and parents may have about our program here at Pedro Menendez High School.


What is it like to be a member of The Falcon Regiment Marching Band?

Here at Pedro Menendez High School, our marching band is called the “Falcon Regiment”.  The members of the Falcon Regiment make up one of the highest achieving student bodies on campus.  Currently we have members involved in everything ranging from Jazz Ensemble to graduating with the IB diploma.  For many of our students, band is a home away from home.  The ~40 students that you meet on your first day of band camp will become your second family as you make your way through your four years here at Pedro Menendez High School!

What does it take to be a member of the Falcon Regiment Marching Band?

On top of being one of the highest achieving student bodies on campus, the Falcon Regiment is also one of the most involved groups in campus/community events.  The Falcon Regiment is present at all home football games and at some away games.  On top of football performances, the Falcon Regiment rehearses on Monday/Wednesday/Friday* until 6pm in preparation for the competition season which typically takes place throughout October and the beginning of November.  All participants of the Falcon Regiment are expected to be at all rehearsals and scheduled performances.

Once the marching season concludes (apart from the parades) we are in full concert band mode in preparation for our winter program and the various Music Performance Assessment (MPA) events in the spring (Solo & Ensemble, Jazz MPA, Concert MPA, Indoor Guard, and our end-of-year program).  Therefore, it is extremely important for students in the Falcon Regiment to be enrolled for the concert band class.  Very rarely are exceptions made for a student to elect to only be in the concert band without having participated in the marching band.

PMHS Concert Band

The PMHS Concert Band performs for our students/faculty at the end of every semester (December & May) as well as participating in the Florida Bandmasters Association’s (FBA) Concert MPA and ‘Solo & Ensemble’ event.  We will be playing different sets of music for all these events.  Each concert (excluding our MPA performance) will include a mash-up between the PMHS eurhythmics class (guard), the PMHS Jazz Ensemble, and the PMHS Concert Band.

PMHS Jazz Ensemble

The PMHS Jazz Ensemble is a big band that currently meets during school in 3rd period as well as afterschool on Tuesdays from 4-5:30pm.  Contrary to its name, a “big band” is not as big as you would think.  The Jazz Ensemble is made up of a saxophone section (5), a trombone section (4), a trumpet section (4), and a rhythm section (4).  Due to its small size and mobility, the Jazz Ensemble gets more school exposure than our other performing groups.  We occasionally hold performances in the courtyard during lunch for the students and faculty.  This exposure helps our entire music program by creating interest for the arts.  Future endeavors for this group include creating a second jazz ensemble and starting a Supersax ensemble.

What is Fair Share?

Fair share are the dues that students are expected to pay in order to participate in these different ensembles.  These dues pay for: Show Music/Drill purchases, instructional staff for the marching band, facility usage, equipment maintenance/replacement, , miscellaneous music purchases, busses, and registration for the many events that take place over the year.  In the 2020-2021 school year, the band fair share was $350.  It can be overwhelming to see an amount such as that, but do not worry!  The fair share can be paid in installments, and many students participate in fundraisers throughout the year to help with this amount.

Thank you for thinking of us!  I cannot wait to greet you into our music program!