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Pedro Menendez High School Attendance Policies

Please submit the PMHS All Day Absentee Form to the front office when your student in absent.  This form is required to be submitted within 2 days of the student returning back to Menendez in order to be excused.

Please reach out to the teacher if you or your student has an issue with how the teacher marked your student. If the teacher does not respond within 48 hours, please contact the Dean of Attendance, Ms. Smith.

Early Release, Tardy, and Absent Information:

A note is needed when students return from being tardy or need to be picked up early from school. This note must be turned in to the Attendance Clerk no later than 9:15 am.

Please use the forms above or a hand-written note including:

  • Student’s Full Legal Name / NO NICKNAMES
  • Student (s) Birthdate
  • Week Day(s) absent
  • Reason for absent or early release
  • Legal Parent / Guardian signature / NO NICKNAMES
  • Current phone number

Only a Physician’s office is authorized to fax a note for the student to be excused.

FAX # (904) 547-8675 — Attention: PMHS ATTENDANCE

We do not accept phone calls or faxes from parents for attendance matters.

Tardies to School:

Students arriving late to school need to go through the front office and check in using our SWIPE system. Students that have accumulated 15 or more total absences must have a doctor’s note in order to have their tardy excused.

Pre-Approved Absent Request:

Please see Dean Smith, to pick-up a Pre-approved Absence Request Form. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure that each teacher reads and signs the request. All requests need to be turned back in to Ms. Terrell, at least one week before the first day of absence. This will help us to start the excused process. Please have the student’s full name, grade, reason, and future absent days. After your request is approved by each teacher it will be entered into the attendance system. Any questions please call Dean Smith at 904-547-8671.

Transportation Services Waiver:

Schools are no longer authorized to issue Bus Passes or instruct bus operators regarding bus ridership or stops. Instead, the Transportation Department is now responsible for issuing provisional Transportation Services Waivers for a specific period of time due to extenuating circumstances. Parents may apply for this waiver via the St. Johns County School District webpage under the “Transportation Department. “ Waivers will not be available from individual schools.

Driving off Campus:

A parent note is required when a student need to drive off campus during school hours. Early release notes must be turned in by 9:15 am. Parents will be always contacted before student receives a pass to drive off campus. Parents please be available and have a current phone number.

Please do not call the Attendance’s office when your child is absent. An absent note can be turned in when the student returns to school. Parents you may communicate with your child’s teacher through e-mail at any time.

A phone is provided in the Attendance reception area for students to use at any time.

No students will be dismissed after 3:00 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. No students will be dismissed after 2:00 pm on early release Wednesday.

What Parents and Students need to know about Attendance:

  • Alert Now calls will go out every day for students who missed 1 or more classes unexcused. Normal

    Dean Smith will vary when the messages are sent to make sure that parents are getting the call.

  • Absence notes are required to be turned in within 2 days of returning back to school in order to be excused.
  • It counts as a day when a student misses 3 or more periods.
  • Dean Smith will print and mail 5, 10, and 15 day unexcused attendance letters every Monday morning. 

    Dean Smith will meet with the students who receive these letters.

  • Once a student has missed 5 unexcused days they will receive:–
    • the automated phone call,
    • the attendance letter mailed home,
    • meet with the dean and
    • be assigned an after school detention!
  • Once a student has missed 10 unexcused days they will receive:–
    • the phone call,
    • the letter mailed home,
    • meet with the dean,
    • be assigned a Saturday school and/or their parking permit will be taken.
  • Once a student has 15 unexcused absences, they will receive:–
    • the phone calls,
    • the letters,
    • meet with the dean,
    • be assigned to a contract and
    • Saturday school.
    • These students may also have their driver’s license revoked from the State DMV.
  • Once a student has missed 15 days of school total (excused and unexcused) they must provide a doctor’s note for the absences to be excused, a parent note will not be accepted.
  • Notes are to be turned in to the front office, not to teachers. Notes are also required to leave early or check in late. All students must have a planner to check in late or leave early!
  • Students who have unexcused absences will have one day for each day missed to turn in work. The assignments will be given ½ credit only, tests and quizzes will be made up for full credit. Please see page 16 of the Code of Conduct for more information.
  • Attendance will be considered as a requirement for privileges.

If you have any questions regarding an automated voice mail message or letter you that you have received in regards to attendance please email Dean Smith or call  904-547-8661.

Dean Smith


Parents in order to stay consistent and enforce the rules of
Pedro Menendez High School we need your help and support!

Yanetta (Arnold) Smith
E-mail Ms. Smith

Brittani Terrell
Attendance Clerk
E-mail Ms. Terrell
904-547-8671 Desk