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Pedro Menendez High School Parking Policies & Expectations

The following expectations exist to ensure the safest and most efficient use of our parking facilities.  All juniors will be allowed to buy a parking pass beginning on the date specified below, provided availability.

  • A 2023-2024 School Year Parking Pass costs $125. Parking fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.
    • Once you have filled out the Microsoft Form for a parking pass you will follow the link to SchoolPay to complete the process.
    • Payments will be made via Schoolpay.
    • If parking pass is lost, an additional charge of $25 will be needed to replace the pass.
    • If a parking violation is identified, a $10.00 fine will be assessed.
    • All unpaid fine, excessive tickets, and/or unauthorized parking may result in a boot being placed on the students car and additional charges will be incurred for its removal. ($25.00 boot removal fee)
  • Seniors/Juniors who would like to custom paint their parking spots, the charge will be $125.00 and you will need to provide your painting supplies. All artwork must be approved by the Dean’s office prior to painting date.
  • Required paperwork will need to be turned in at a specified drop-off time and date. This date and time will be released via School Messenger. The parking pass will be handed out at that time.  Students cannot park on campus without their pass.
  • Required paperwork:
    1. Copy of valid driver’s license, registration, and insurance copied onto one piece of paper.
    2. Signed copy of PMHS Parking Expectations

Parking Expectations

  • Your parking tag must be visible on your rearview mirror while parked. ($25.00 fine for non-compliance)
  • Parking passes are non-transferable and cannot be shared with other students. ($25.00 fine for non-compliance)
  • You must be in good standing with attendance and discipline to be able to continue to drive on campus. (Following student code of conduct and truancy rules to remain in good standing)
  • You are expected to follow all traffic laws inside the parking lot and school zones. (Failure to do so will be classified as reckless driving)
  • The parking area is off limits to all students during the school day. You must get a pass from the dean’s office if you need access to your vehicle.  Students entering the parking lot without a pass will be subject to automatic search of the vehicle and a 2 week parking suspension.
  • All vehicles are subject to search under reasonable suspicion. Possession of drugs, alcohol, tobacco products/paraphernalia, pocket-knives or weapons of any kind or any other items not in compliance with the St. Johns County Code of Conduct will result in an out of school suspension and loss of parking privileges.  Not knowing that these items were in your vehicle will not change the consequences.
  • Neither PMHS nor the St. Johns County School District are responsible for any damages or losses to vehicles parked on campus.

The following offenses, including parking violations, could result in suspension and revocation of parking pass:

  • Excessive tardies / unexcused absences will result in loss of parking privileges for 2 weeks
  • Leaving campus without permission will result in a 2 week parking suspension and detention
  • Unlawful speeding, texting on your phone while operating vehicle, or reckless driving on campus will result in a 2 week suspension of parking pass.
  • Level 4 disciplinary actions per the St. John County Student Code of Conduct will result in permanent revocation of parking pass.
  • Repeated violation of school rules, per the St. John’s County Student Code of Conduct (i.e. skipping class, defiance/disrespect, inappropriate conduct, class disruptions) will result in a 2 week parking suspension
  • Students found on campus with another student’s parking pass, or a counterfeit parking pass, or selling their parking pass will automatically result in the loss of the student’s parking pass.

*If a student loses their parking privileges, the vehicle registered to that parking pass is not allowed on campus and the tag will be confiscated.  Refunds will not be given to students who lose their parking privileges (suspended or revoked) for disciplinary reasons.