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Falcon Athletics

Required Forms

ALL ATHLETES MUST HAVE A CURRENT PHYSICAL Form ( EL2 form revised 4/23 ) and a CONSENT AND RELEASE form ( EL3 ) IN ORDER TO PRACTICE in sports. Students Transferring from another school must also have the ( Ga4 ) and ( el6 ) forms. Home School Student will need the ( EL7 ) form.

You can register your athlete for PMHS athletics and fill these forms out ONLINE at

Mandatory Videos for Student Athletes

We were recently informed of a change in FHSAA policy that now requires all student athletes to view the NFHSLearn video and complete the online free concussion course Sudden Cardiac and Heat related illness prior to participation.  This is in addition to the FHSAA required paperwork that players must submit.  Players need to follow the steps listed by FHSAA and MUST submit a copy of the PDF certificate showing completion to the Athletic Director prior to participation. View the Concussion Course on now. Only the concussion course is required by student athletes.  This course is mandatory for participation.

For more information, email Coach McCool or call 904 547-8662.


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Pay to Play

Students may also purchase PE Uniforms in advance using the SchoolPay link above.

PMHS 2023-2024 Pay to Play is $100. Paid through School Pay and must be paid prior to the student/athlete participating in his/her first sport contest.  

Documents & Forms

Upcoming Events



In order for a student athlete to be eligible to try-out for a sport at PMHS he/she must have the following:

  • Current Complete Physical (Good for one Calendar year)
  • Signed parent permission form. (Must be renewed every year after July 1)
  • Signed parent concussion/heat form (Front and Back) (Must be renewed every year after July 1)
  •  Completed GA7 Form (Must be renewed every year after July 1)
  •  Minimum of a cumulative 2.0 GPA.
  •  Must be less than 19 years 9 months old.
  •  Must have completed the 8th grade for the first time less than 4 years ago.

Additional Rules

  • Pets: Pets are not permitted at Menendez athletic fields or facilities. Only service pets, such as seeing eye dogs for example, are permitted with credentials.
  • Noisemakers: FHSAA policy 3.1.4 Noisemakers, Whistles, or artificial noise-making devises that mimic or simulate a game whistle, air horns, and ALL other artificial or mechanical noise-making devises, are prohibited in all Florida High School Athletic Events.
  • Bags: No Large Bags are allows into sporting events. (Discretion of PMHS Staff), No Backpacks allowed. If students have them, they must be left at the ticket booth.

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