Welcome to the Deans’ Office

Chris Cofield
Dean, Students A-L and Attendance
[email protected]
FullSizeRenderyanetta Yanetta Arnold
Dean, Students M-Z
[email protected]


We want to provide our students with a safe, orderly environment in which to study and to learn. Certain school policies, in addition to the county-wide discipline rules are necessary. It is important that each student be familiar with the St. Johns County School District Student Code of Conduct, also found in the 2017–2018 Student Planner.

When calling the Dean’s Office , please be prepared to leave a message. Messages are checked often throughout the day, and calls will be returned promptly.

  • Dress Code and Appearance (pg. 4 – 5)
  • Lockers (pg. 18)
  • Attendance (pg. 5 – 6)