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IB Faculty and Staff List

IB Coordinator:

Carolie Schultz  [email protected]

IB Career Program Coordinator:

[email protected]

IB Counselor:

Stephanie Toffaletti [email protected]

Group 1 English:    

Suzie Milton (English 1 Pre-IB) [email protected]

Cindy Morrison (English 2 Pre-IB, English 4 IB) [email protected]

Rick Ryan (English 3 IB, Theory of Knowledge 1) [email protected]

Group 2 World Language:

Nicole Stasky (Spanish 1 Pre-IB) [email protected]

Patty Traynor (Spanish 2 Pre-IB, Spanish Ab Initio 1) [email protected]

Lourdes Diaz (Spanish 3 IB, Spanish 5 IB, Spanish 5/6 IB, Spanish Ab Initio 2) [email protected]

Group 3 Social Studies:

Regina White (Humanities Pre-IB, 9th) [email protected]

Ken Jones (History of the Americas IB) [email protected]

Autumn Krenz (World History Pre-IB, Contemporary History IB) [email protected]

Rusty Luker (World History Pre-IB, Inquiry Skills Pre-IB, TOK IB 2) [email protected]

Tim Davidson (IB Business Management 1) [email protected]

Morgan Reed (Psychology 2 SL IB) [email protected]

Group 4 Science:

Kevin Fulford (Chemistry 1 Pre-IB) [email protected]

Jesse Biesiada (Pre-IB Physics 1, Physics 1 IB, Physics 3 IB) [email protected]

Kristina Boss (IB Environmental Systems 2) [email protected]

Anissa Williams (Biology 1 Pre-IB, IB Biology 1) [email protected]

Whitney Kopsky (Biology 1 Pre-IB, IB Biology 3) whitney[email protected]

Group 5 Math:

John Luce (Algebra 1 Honors) [email protected]

Don Biggers (Geometry Honors) [email protected]

Toby Kosiewska (Algebra 2 Honors) [email protected]

Joao Fae (Algebra 2 Honors) [email protected]

Danny Erb (IB Math Coach) [email protected]

Group 6 Dance:                

Ashlyn Rust (Pre-IB Dance, IB Dance 2,3—SL/HL) [email protected]

Group 6 Visual Art:

Stephanie Modling (Art 1 Pre-IB, Art 2 Pre-IB, IB Visual Arts 2,3) [email protected]

Theory of Knowledge:

Rick Ryan (TOK 1) [email protected]

Rusty Luker (TOK 2) [email protected]

Inquiry Skills:

Rusty Luker (9th grade only) r[email protected]


Kate Tompkins, Stephanie Toffaletti

Extended Essay:                     

Rusty Luker, Rick Ryan, and  Kate Tompkins