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Baseball Fundraiser


We will be kicking off our TeamWorks Fundraiser this Thursday at 4:00 in the drafting room. TeamWorks is an online and secure fundraising platform that leverages the power of email, social media, and text to share our customized fundraising webpage. This fundraiser can be far easier than most but it is imperative that each parent or guardian help their player select 20-25 or more quality email addresses for potential supporters, anywhere in the US. Please have your email list ready by Thursday.

Email fact: The contacts that you provide are private and never shared or sold.

Please bring the following:

Smart Phone: Each player will register for this fundraiser using their smart phones.

Picture: Each player will have the ability to upload an image of themselves to customize their fundraising webpage.

Emails: These emails should include each player’s parents / guardians as well as people who you think will support our team. These email contacts may be located anywhere in the US. Do not include classmates, teachers and other coaches in your list.

Add these emails to your “Notes” on your smart phone or create an email with all of the emails listed in the body and send to yourself. During the meeting, we will copy and paste these emails using TeamWorks. You will delete these email from your phone once entered.

Phone Numbers: TeamWorks allows us to use text as well. Please have available 5-10 cell numbers for potential supporters that you feel would be better reached through text versus email. These potential supporters should be different from the email contacts used.

Below you will find a template to help you come up with your required email contacts. Please have this sheet completed two days prior to the kickoff meeting. Coach will be checking to see who has completed this task to make sure we are prepared for our kickoff meeting.

TEMPLATE: Email Blueprint

Note: Once you have this template completed with 20-25 emails, make sure you have all of the contacts saved into your “Notes” on your phone. This is very important and will make for easy access during the kickoff meeting.

Coach Mack