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2021 SPRING Baseball

Welcome to Menendez SPRING Baseball 2021

Spring ball is $50.00. This covers uniform and cost of play, umpires and league fee. Players are expected to pay prior to the first game!  Please click on the SCHOOLPAY link on the right sidebar of page.   Free/Reduce lunch students see Coach Turner.

Team Expectations: 4A District

We have earned the right to be successful.

Work Hard, Take Pride in yourself, your school and your team!!  Academics are NUMBER#1. Classes and good behavior in school are priority. Be Leaders on Campus!

Practices will be held on days there are no games. Weekly updates will be sent out via REMIND101.

Practices are Mandatory …. if you child has to miss a practice, communication with the Coaching staff is VITAL for play. Please communicate if you child will not be able to attend practice so coaches can plan accordingly.

3 unexcused practices will result in not playing. If you miss a practice before game, you will not start for an excused absence and will not play if it is unexcused.

COMMUNICATION WITH COACHING STAFF is KEY and will be facilitated using the REMIND101 APP. Please see Coach Mack to added to our communication list OR TEXT 81010 @pedrobase

Players can drop off their equipment in Coach Mack’s Room (rm 401) behind Drafting Room in the mornings before class starting at 8:45 OR they can leave equipment in the Press Box after practices