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2024 Season Infomation

Pedro Menendez Parent Meeting January 17, 2024


Head Coach Ronnell Ray- Sprints/Relays

Coach Tyler Coleman- Long/Triple Jump

Coach Jameson Hansen- Distance/Pole Vault

Coach Biddy Moore- Sprints

Coach Tim Smith- High Jump

Coach Ben Walker- Throws/Hurdles



Attendance and Commitment: Coaches expect athletes to attend all practices and meets. Consistent attendance demonstrates dedication to the team and helps athletes improve their skills. This also includes being on time for practices, meets and team functions.

Work Ethic: Track and field requires hard work and discipline. Coaches expect athletes to give their best effort during practices and competitions.

Sportsmanship: Respect for teammates, opponents, coaches, and officials is crucial. Athletes are expected to always display good sportsmanship, win or lose.

Academic Responsibility: Athletes are often expected to maintain a 2.0 GPA to participate in sports. Coaches strive to see academic success and balance between athletics and academics.

Team Unity: Track teams often have athletes participating in various events (sprints, distance, jumps, throws). Coaches expect athletes to support each other, fostering a sense of unity within the team.

Healthy Lifestyle: This includes proper nutrition, hydration, adequate sleep, and avoiding harmful behaviors that could impact performance.

Skill Development: Athletes are expected to actively work on improving their skills and techniques in their specific events. Coaches may provide guidance, drills, and feedback to help athletes refine their abilities.

Compliance with Rules and Policies: Athletes are expected to adhere to the rules and policies set by the PMHS and SJCSD. This includes following ethical guidelines, respecting equipment, and abiding by competition rules.

Goal Setting: Coaches encourage athletes to set personal and team goals for the season. This helps athletes stay focused and motivated throughout the training and competition periods.

Injuries: If you are injured, please report injuries to Coach Ray. Also, see Ms. Irene before you go to the doctor’s office.


Key Information

Athletic Clearance– All forms must be completed and physical must be signed before you are allowed to practice.

Pay to Play- $100 one-time fee for sports. If you played another sport, you do not have to pay. If this is your first sport, then you have to pay. (School account used for Transportation and Facilities). See Coach McCool if you have any questions. Must be paid by first meet 2/16/24.

Team Fee– $50. Each athlete is required to pay this. This will cover pre-meet meals, banquet food and snacks. Due February 14th.


Email Fundraiser- I need all emails by Jan 31. Emails need to be in your notes tab on your phone. The fundraiser can also be sent via social media or text message.  Feb 6th is the start date.

Nights of Lights Fundraiser- January 27th. SJCSD Parking Lot

Donations- If you or anyone you know have a business or just want to donate to help the program, please let me know.

*All the money we raise helps us buy new equipment, pay meet entry fees or buy new track gear. *

Wishlist- New High Jump Pit, High Jump Standards, Team Sweatsuits, Team Backpacks, Starting Blocks, Record Board


Conditioning and Practice Times

Conditioning Schedule

January 16-18 (Tuesday- Thursday)

January 22-26 (Monday- Thursday)



1ST OFFICAL Practice is January 29.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday- 4:05- 5:30.

Wednesday- 3:05- 4:30.

*Weather- If it is raining, we will still practice. If there is a thunderstorm, lightning or serve weather we will cancel practice. *


Meet Schedule– See Home Page.

Meet Expectations

  • If you cannot attend a meet, please let us know ahead of time. (We need a week’s notice).
  • That takes a spot away from someone else.Switching out athletes cost money.
  • Sign-up Genius- volunteering to bring snacks, water, Gatorade, etc.
  • All athletes will stay until the conclusion of the meet.


Meet during school

  • Arrive to school on time. Be in class every period.
  • Wear warmup shirt to school.
  • Go to first lunch then you will report to the track to get changed.
  • Make sure you have uniform, spikes/running shoes, whatever equipment you deem necessary to compete.
  • Talk with your teachers about any work you may miss while you are out.


Meet on Saturday

  • Arrive to school on time.
  • Make sure you get your spikes/competition shoes out of the locker room the night before (use track shack if you need to)
  • Make sure you have uniforms, spikes/competition shoes, whatever equipment you deem necessary to compete.


What to bring to track meets?

Uniforms- Jersey Top and Bottom

Warmup Shirt

Running shoes and spikes


Rain Gear



District Meet

  • 5 meet requirement from the state. To be eligible for the district meet, athletes must compete in 5 regular season meets.
  • Top 3 in each event will compete at the district meet.



Jersey Top and Shorts- $75

Warmup Shirt- $40


Team Store– Opens this week. I will send out the link on remind and post on school website.


Video Practice/Meets

This year we have a tablet to record practices and races. All videos will be stored in a google drive.


This way we can see our mistakes and fix them, or we can see the things we do correctly and build upon.



Remind app. Weekly updates are posted on Sundays. Remind code: @menendezt

Track Website- Links are posted here for online store, google drive, pay to play etc.