Computing for College and Careers

Students logon to their EDMODO account daily!  The students open the DAILY ITINERARY at the beginning of class every day.  Each day’s itinerary includes the LEARNING GOAL(S) and activities and projects to be completed in class. 

Students use SAM (Skills Assessment Manager) software to master Microsoft Office 2013—Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access.  SAM is an interactive online learning environment that helps students learn skills and computer concepts that are essential to academic and career success.  Students may logon to their SAM account from any computer and complete TRAINING assignments—Office 2013 is not required to be on the computer.  To complete PROJECTS assignments, Office 2013 must be installed on the computer on which the student is working.   

If a student is absent, he or she must make arrangements to come in before school or during his or her lunch to complete make-up work.  Students who are absent are responsible for all assignments missed.  Students may logon to their EDMODO account from any computer.