Varsity Roster

2014 Varsity Volleyball Roster


03Amy Costeira
Graduation: 2015 GPA: 4.25 Projected Major: Business Position: Defensive Specialist Height: 5’4″ Block Touch: 8’1″  Reach: 6’8″ Vertical: 20″ Volleyball Experience-High School: 2nd year  Varsity Club: 1 year St. Augustine Volleyball Association Awards/Honors: Honor Roll, Honors classes, NHS, Friendliest Award, Leadership award at FSU Volleyball Camp, Character Counts Award Other Activities: Weightlifiting, softball, National Honors Society, Dance, Dual Enrollment, IB classes, Athletic Leadership Council, Link Crew, work

02Sara Kook
Graduation: 2015 GPA: 3.3 Projected Major: Exercise Science Position: Right Side Height: 5’7″ Block Touch: 8’2″  Reach:7′ Vertical: 20′ Volleyball Experience-High School: 2nd year Varsity, 2 years JV Club: SAVA & JJVA for a total of 9 years. Awards/Honors:  Lettered in volleyball freshman year, pinned sophomore year, bar junior year  Other Activities: Track & Field, AVID, IB classes, Dual Enrollment, student council, Link Crew


05Hannah Kilbride
Graduation: 2016 GPA: 4.44 Projected Major: Medical Field Position: Libero Height: 5’5″ Block Touch: 7’11” Reach: 6’8″ Vertical:18″ Volleyball Experience-High School: JV for 1 year, 2nd year Varsity Club: SAVA for 2 years Awards/Honors: A Honor roll, MVP award, Take stock in children scholarship, All Conference Award, Most Improved Award Other Activities: Weightlifting, Beach Volleyball, Teens for Change, NHS, Link Crew, PACT, Lacrosse, Youth group, IB, Dual Enrollment

08Savannah LeFors
Graduation: 2015 GPA: 3.4 Projected Major: Undecided Position: Middle Blocker  Height: 5’10” Block Touch:8’11’ Reach:7’4″ Vertical: 23″ Volleyball Experience-High School: 2nd year Varsity, 2 years JV  Club: St. Augustine Volleyball Association 1 year  Awards/Honors: Falcon Award twice for track, 1st conference award for high jump, Nominated for character counts  Other Activities: Basketball, Track/field, ASL Club, Dual Enrollment, Link Crew, Athletic Leadership Council


 Eden Beato
Graduation: 2016 GPA: 3.1 Projected Major: Psychology Position: Middle Back Height: 5′ 10″ Block Touch:8’11” Reach: 7’5″ Vertical: 22″ Volleyball Experience: High School: 1year on Varsityl, Junior Varsity for 2 years  Club: Awards/Honors: Other Activities: Link Crew, helped build a house

 Eden Edgell
Graduation: 2018 GPA:  Projected Major: Undecided Position: outside hitter Height: 5′ 9″ Block Touch:8’2″ Reach: 7’3″ Vertical: 16″ Volleyball Experience:High School: 1st year Varsity  Club: 1 year with St. Augustine Volleyball Association Awards/Honors: A/B Honor Roll, Character Counts Award Other Activities: Weightlifting, IB, Youth Group

07Sierra Morris
Graduation: 2016 GPA: 3.2 Projected Major: Dentistry Position: defensive specialist  Height: 5’5″ Block Touch: 8’2″   Reach:7′ Vertical: 20″ Volleyball Experience: High School: 2nd year Varsity, 1 year JV Club: 2 years SAVA Awards/Honors: A/B/ honor roll Other Activities: Basketball, Swim, Dual Enrollment, weightlifting, volunteer at Wildflower Dental Clinic



04Caitlin Wilson
Graduation: 2017 GPA: 3.0 Projected Major: undecided Position: setter Height: 5’11” Block Touch:8’6″ Reach: 7’6″ Vertical:18″  Volleyball Experience-High School: 2nd year Varsity  Club: 1 year with St. Augustine Volleyball Association Awards/Honors: Other Activities: Medical Academy, HOSA


06Brooke Brush
Graduation: 2016 GPA: 3.1 Projected Major: Physical Therapy Position: Right Side Height: 5′ 9″ Block Touch:8’3″ Reach: 7’3″ Vertical: 18″ Volleyball Experience:High School: 2 years on Varsity Junior Varsity for 1 year  Club: 1 year with St. Augustine Volleyball Association Awards/Honors: Most improved in Lacrosse Other Activities: Lacrosse, health academy, help out with PAL Lacrosse, AP Classes, HOSA, Link Crew


10Zoe Waldron
Graduation: 2016 GPA: 4.3 Projected Major: Medical Position: outside  Height: 5’11” Block Touch: 8’7″  Reach: 7’4″ Vertical: 19″  Volleyball Experience-High School: 2nd year Varsity, 1 year JV Club: SAVA for two years Awards/Honors: A
Honor roll, Scholat Athlete Other Activities: Medical Academy, HOSA, IB classes



Emily Ward
Graduation: 2018 GPA:  Projected Major: undecided Position: outside hitter Height: 5′ 8″ Block Touch:8’8″ Reach: 7’3″ Vertical: 22″ Volleyball Experience:High School: 1st year Varsity Club: 1 year with St. Augustine Volleyball Association Awards/Honors: 2013-2014 Gamble Rogers Middle School Outstanding Volleyball Player Award Other Activities:

Nicole Grueser
Graduation: 2016 GPA: 2.8 Projected Major: Architecture Position: Middle/ Left Back Height: 5′ 4″ Block Touch:7’9″ Reach: 6’6″ Vertical: 19″ Volleyball Experience:High School: 1 year on Varsity Junior Varsity for 2 years  Club: 2 years with St. Augustine Volleyball Association Awards/Honors:  Other Activities: Softball, Link Crew, AVID