Media Center FAQs

Media Center Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When is the media center open?
Monday-Friday: 8:30 am-4:00 pm. Hours are extended during tutoring days or for club meetings. If there is not an adult present, you should not be in the library.

What do I need to check out a book?
Your student ID is preferred for faster check out, but we can look you up with your student ID, too.

What else is available for check out?
Books on CD and cassette and videos are also available. Magazines cannot be checked out.

What happens if I lose a library book?
If you’re afraid you lost a book or another item, please let the media center staff know immediately. We will let you know how much the item costs. The same applies if you damaged a library book.

How long can I keep a book for?
Two weeks. If no one is waiting, you can renew it for two more weeks.

What about textbooks?
Textbooks are checked out to you for the entire school year or semester.

What if I lose or damage a textbook?
A $20 deposit is required to get a second textbook if you’ve lost or damaged the first one. At the end of the school year, we will either refund you the deposit if the book is found, or you will pay us the remaining balance for that book.

How much does it cost to print in the media center?
10 cents per page. We only have black and white printing. Photocopying is also 10 cents per page.

Why do I have to pay for printing?
You’re helping support your media center buy materials and fund fun activities like parties and guest speakers and authors.

May we eat in the media center?
Only in the cafe (tiled) area. Please do not eat on the carpet.

Can I come to the media center without a pass?
Only during lunch. If you’re in class, you need a pass from your teacher. If you don’t have a pass, we will send you back to get one.