Florida Teens Read

Florida Teens Read 2017-2018

This year’s Florida Teens Read books represent some of the best teen fiction out right now (and since I’m on the committee that chose them, you can trust that they’re good!). There is something for everyone, so take a look through this year’s choices and come by the Media Center to check out the ones that look good to you.

Video of the choices

Annotated list of the choices

*An important note from the Florida Teens Read Committee: This program is designed to entice teens to read. In order to engage their interest and to provide a spur to critical thinking, the book selections include those that involve sensitive issues. The content of some of the titles may be more mature than younger students may have previously encountered. Please recognize that this is a voluntary reading program. Not every book selected will suit every student. In a democratic society, a variety of ideas must find voice. As readers, teens have the choice to read the more mature titles or to close the book.*